Lego Excavator

3D model Lego  Technic 8294 Excavator

Faces: 190,813

Archive contains 5 files: blend, dae, mtl, obj, 3ds.

8294-2 8294-3 8294-4 8294-5

Only .blend file contains IK skeleton to drive the arm. The arm is fully functional.


Lego Creator

3D model Lego 31014 Creator

Faces: 13,601

Archive contains 5 files: blend, dae, mtl, obj, 3ds.

*.blend file contains drivers and constraints to control parts.

31014-2 31014-3 31014-4 31014-5

Container Truck

3D model Lego 8052  Technic Container Truck

Faces: 283,299

Archive contains 4 files.
blend, dae, mtl, obj






.blend file contains armature with FK constraint to guide the wheels


Champion Racer F1

3D model Lego 42026 Black Champion Racer

Faces: 66,298

Archive contains 5 files.
3ds, blend, dae, mtl, obj

42026-2 42026-3 42026-4